Dressing the Bear

Materials: Student Journal, plain teddy bear, bear accessories (eyes, nose, buttons, scarf. hat, etc)


Students write a story being attentive to "crack open" words like awesome, cool, nice, pretty, happy or sad to more fully describe what it looks like or sounds like to be happy, cool, nice or pretty.


Ask students to re-read their story drawing an "eye" above each word or phrase that creates a clear image in the mind of the reader. Students then get to place one accessory on the bear for each of the "eyes"  (descriptive words and phrases) they have used to create images for their readers.


The more accessories on the bear when they finish the better the images they have created, the better the story. Look at the two bears at the left, which looks more interesting? If the bear looks interesting the story will also be much more interesting, creating images in the minds of their readers.