Bear Necessities Song

The Bear Necessities song helps remind children they have to create images in the minds of their readers.

The Bear Necessities of Writing Song


 I’ve got the bear necessities

 The plain old bear necessities

 In every single word that I write

 If you want to spruce it up a bit

 Give it a little zip

 You have to throw those plain words away

 Words like awesome, cool, nice and pretty

 Happy, sad, excited, petty

 Really doesn’t mean to much to me

 If you want to spruce it up a bit

 Give it a little zip

 Create an image for me to see.


He was jumping up and down

Loosing his little frown

Clapping his hands and shouting hurray

It didn’t take much for me to see

A child filled with glee

He must have had a happy day. 


More verses are available in the Bear Necessities Lesson Plan Book


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